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Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Charlie Bears

Ten Most Frequently Asked Charlie Bear Questions:

1. What are Charlie Bears?
Charlie Bears are collectable teddy bears and critters designed by Charlotte (Charlie) Morris in England and located in Cornwall. The Bearhouse (as coined by Charlie) houses all of these hand-made bears. Charlie Bears are sold all around the world, and just recently they can be more prominently found in the USA. There is a brand new Bearhouse located in Florida that is used as a distribution center for all US retailers (aka stockists). Charlie Bears - 'Bears With Personalities'

2. Who are the owners of Charlie Bears and when was the company founded?

Charlotte and William Morris, a husband and wife team, founded Charlie Bears in late 2005. In February of 2006 they launched their first collection of just 12 collectible bears.

3. How many different Charlie Bears have been produced?

As of 2018, there have been over 2500 different designs. Charlie works closely with Isabelle Lee in creating many of the mohair and alpaca limited edition bears. She oftentimes has guest artists who contribute to the design of plush animals.

4. How many retailers are there worldwide and where are they located?

Currently there are more than 500 retail stores internationally and they are located in: USA, UK (to include Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland), Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, to name just a few. Stockists span 37 countries around the world.

5. Who was the first Charlie Bears USA retailer?
Beacon's Glow Collectibles (yours truly) began communication with William Morris way back in 2008. We have been carrying Charlie Bears since early 2009 and are considered to be one of the leading Charlie Bears stockists in the United States.

6. Is there a Charlie Bear called Charlie?
Each year, Charlotte Morris actually makes 2 collectible bears named Charlie. One is a plush bear (Charlie Year Bear) that is Plumo (a term coined by Charlie to indicate that there is both plush and mohair used when the bear is created), and the second bear is a mohair bear (Charlie Mohair Year Bear) made from the more expensive mohair. Both are highly collectible and sought after by Charlie Bear collectors.

7. What are Charlie Bears made of?
There are four types of Charlie Bears: a. those made from plush; b. those made from Plumo (a combination of both plush and mohair) usually the muzzle and inner ears are made of mohair; c. Mohair; and d. alpaca.

8. How do you clean a Charlie Bear that is plush or mohair?
For a plush teddy bear, use a clean, soft white washcloth. (Using a colored washcloth might cause it to bleed on the plush and stain it.) Lightly dampen the washcloth and gently wipe the tededy bear's fur to remove the surface dirt. If areas of dirt remain, add just a little dishwashing liquid to the damp washcloth and gently rub the stain. Rinse the washcloth out with clean water, and gently dampen it once again. Gently remove any soap residue with the damp washcloth. Allow your bear to dry naturally and then brush with a very soft baby brush.

For a mohair teddy bear, first gently shake him or her to remove some of the dust that has accumulated. A very soft baby brush can be used as well to remove some of the dust. (It is imperative that the gentlest of care must be used when dealing with a mohair teddy bear, whether it be a Charlie Bear or a Steiff Bear!) If your teddy needs additional attention, create a mild cleaning solution made from a small cup of warm water and a tablespoon of Woolite. Use a clean, soft white washcloth and dampen it in the cleaning mixture. (Do not use a colored washcloth as it might bleed into the mohair and produce undesired results). Wash your teddy from the bottom up and constantly change the area on the damp washcloth as it may become dirty. When finished, use a second clean white washcloth that has been lightly dampened to wipe away any loose dirt or cleaning solution that has been left behind. Allow your bear to dry naturally and then brush with a very soft baby brush.

9. Where are Charlie Bears made?
Charlie Bears are made entirely by hand by skilled artisans in both Sri Lanka and Thailand. This company trains former hairdressers and cosmetologists for several months in order to carefully sculpt the muzzle and trim the hair on each handmade teddy.

10. How do I find out when Charlie Bears will next be making an appearance on QVC?
Check the QVC showtime guide for each respective QVC channel or oftentimes, either retailers or Charlie Bears Facebook pages will announce upcoming QVC shows.