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Product Care

Collectible Doll, Teddy Bear and Figurines Product Care

Minky Bears

  • Your Minky Bear is made from heirloom quality vintage fur and should be loved gently.
  • Keep your teddy bear or bunny rabbit out of direct sunlight, and in a cool place.
  • Do not allow your Minky Bear to be exposed to smoke or kitchen odors as his/her fur will absorb the smell.
  • Never seal or store your teddy or bunny rabbit in plastic and NEVER get his/her fur wet.


  • Always be sure to save the doll’s original doll box and packaging if possible. Collectible dolls lose some of their value if they cannot be sold or traded in their original box and packaging.
  • Use a soft paintbrush or make-up brush to gently clean any dust or dirt that has accumulated on your doll’s face, arms, or legs. Clothing and hair can also be dusted in this manner. Use a cotton swab for small crevices that need gentle cleaning.
  • All displayed dolls will benefit from an occasional gentle vacuuming. Use a small vacuum made specifically for computers if you have one. If not, use your regular vacuum and cover the hose attachment with a piece of old pantyhose--this will minimize suction. NOTE: Test that the suction is not too powerful before vacuuming your doll to avoid potential damage.
  • Another technique for vacuuming dolls is to purchase a painter’s strainer netting and place it over the item you want to dust, and then vacuum. It works great for taking out the dust without disturbing the doll. Painter’s strainer netting can be purchased inexpensively at Lowe’s or Home Depot. (By the way, this method also works well for cleaning artificial flowers).
  • If possible, encase your doll upright on a stand whenever possible. Laying the doll for extended periods of time affects the blinking ability of the eyes.
  • If you do need to store your doll, it is very important to store your doll with sleep eyes on their faces. The weight used to make the eyes open and close falls back into the head when they are flat on their backs, and pulls the eyes with it. This can cause damage to the eyes. She really won't smother if you put her on her face.
  • Remember to keep your doll out of direct sunlight and away from air vents. Pick a place where the doll will not need to be frequently moved. The fewer disturbances, the better.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature for your doll.
  • Minimal handling of your doll is best for your doll. We recommend wearing white cotton gloves to keep body oils and dirt away.
  • If you need to wash your doll, completely dissolve some liquid detergent in cool water. It is important that you use only the foam to get rid of the surface dirt on the doll. After cleaning, gently wipe the cleansed area with a clean, soft washcloth. Then gently blow-dry your doll using the lowest blow dryer setting. NOTE: If your doll has eyes that wink or blink, be very careful not to get water in the eyes. Water can cause permanent damage.

Mohair Animals

  • To get rid of dust that may get into your mohair animals fur, gently use a blow dryer to rid the fur of dust.
  • Never place your mohair animal in a washing machine. This will permanently damage the mohair.
  • To remove a stain on the animal’s mohair, only use a damp cloth to surface wash the mohair.
  • Never brush your animal’s fur too vigorously as this can result in excessive shedding of the mohair.
  • If your mohair animal has glass eyes and an eye gets scratched, use a tiny bit of WD40 on the eye to help minimize the scratch.

Plush Animals

  • When you receive your plush bear(s), give them a good shake to get their fur back to the way it should be after being cramped in a shipping box. If additional fur fluffing is needed, or your plush animal is dusty, use your vacuum with care.
  • If you cannot plainly see the eyes of your stuffed animal, carefully use a pair of small embroidery scissors to trim the excess fur from around the eyes. Holding the scissors at a 90-degree angle will give you better trimming control. NOTE: Be very careful not to scratch your stuffed animal’s eyes!
  • If your plush bear becomes soiled, spot clean with a damp washcloth.
  • Do NOT wash your plush in the laundry! The washing machine is too hard on both seams and fur.